Is Now The Right Time To Change Jobs?

The Right Time To Change Jobs

The right time to change jobs might be right now, despite your feelings of uncertainty due to the pandemic and the economic uncertainty it caused. One thing is certain, legal hiring is back on the rise over the past couple of months after slowing during the pandemic. There has also been a significant uptick in the number of senior and General Counsel roles available for those who are looking at that level. Some industries navigating the New Normal appear to need lawyers now more than ever. So for some of our readers, now may be the right time to change jobs. For others, it may make sense to watch the market more closely for opportunities that can advance your career. One thing is certain – in-house workloads have increased during the lockdown period.

“Should you change jobs, perhaps even careers? Few questions are more prevalent among ambitious professionals (with the possible exception of whether it’s time to change a romantic partner). Yet both questions are best answered by the old Facebook status update: “It’s complicated.” When the job market is strong and opportunities are plentiful, it’s tempting to assume that the grass is greener elsewhere. But with the COVID-19 crisis battering job markets around the world, it may seem less logical for those fortunate enough to have a job to fantasize about alternatives. However, even in the current uncertain, fragile, and weaker economic environment, staying put is not necessarily the best possible strategy. There is no bulletproof formula for making the right career move. The only way to determine if your move is right is to actually make it and see (the proof in the pudding).”

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