In-House: Where the Buck Stops With You

For many law firm lawyers, life may not always be on the front-lines as the key decision-maker on a deal or material case.  In-house can be quite different – and a place where the buck stops with you:

“If you are ready to quit a career in private practice to take an in-house role, be prepared to ‘own’ your advice, counsels Andrew Lewis. I moved from the corporate department of a large City firm to a general counsel role at a FTSE 250 financial services company. I did not go in completely ignorant of the changes that would come with the switch – although it was my first in-house job, I had experience from a secondment at the new employer, plus a lot of advice from peers on both sides of the fence. But the change was even greater than I anticipated.”

Read: In-house: where the buck stops | Feature | Law Society Gazette

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