5 Tips For A Strong In-House Counsel Resume

Strong In-House Counsel Resume

A strong in-house counsel resume is critical for lawyers seeking in-house jobs. Your resume and cover letter are typically your first opportunity to make a great impression with a potential employer. Taking the time to create an effective base legal resume – and then customizing it for specific jobs – is key to standing out in a crowded field. This applies to both resumes for entry-level in-house counsel jobs to resumes for General Counsel jobs.

“Resumes matter, particularly for lawyers who are seeking highly sought-after in-house positions. A recruitment professional takes about five seconds to decide how to act upon your candidacy. Your resume should look clean and organized and provide easy-to-digest, compelling information to land you an interview…Each in-house counsel role requires considered thought for the content, highlights and formatting of your resume. For example, if you are handling corporate, M&A, securities, employment and governance work in your current role, and the role for which you are applying is more focused on general corporate and M&A work, then your resume should be tailored to emphasize that work and results achieved….You should style your summary and core competencies using language consistent with the job requirements, and in a way that non-lawyers who may be screening your resume will understand quickly to compare you with other applicants. If you have worked only in a law firm, and your resume contains prominent subheadings, it’s unnecessary to add a summary. The five tips below are general rules to consider when writing your resume for an in-house counsel position….”

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