Saving Big Law from the Robot Apocalypse

More insightful commentary on the future of law, the potential impact of the robot apocalypse on lawyers and law firms, and the importance of law firms putting clients first:

“‘There’s going to be a vicious battle for (legal) talent in about five or ten years. It’s going to be rough,’ I said. ‘You’re right. When you couple that with the failure of development in terms of transition, mentoring, and everything else you really have a huge problem,’ replied Steven Harper, Author of The Lawyer Bubble. So how did we get to this place? According to this recent Planet Money post, it looks like lawyers will keep their jobs after the upcoming robot apocalypse. However, for the very same reasons, large law firms may not fare as well.”

Read: A Client-Centered Approach to Save Big Law from the Robot Apocalypse at Bloomberg BNA Business of Law

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