Practice Niches – Quicksand for Lawyers?

Practice Niches

Practice niches can be a boon for some legal careers, but are they always helpful? Many in-house counsel find that having broad-based and business-focused experience makes them more valuable (and even indispensable!) than their highly specialized outside counsel.

“Because of specialization in the medical profession, doctors are sometimes unable to make correct diagnoses…This reminded me of a conversation I had with an in-house counsel not long ago. He told me about a meeting in which several lawyers from different law firms were involved… One lawyer, who was an elderly partner from a midsize regional firm, should have been out of his depth. In reality, the in-house counsel told me, it was precisely this lawyer who was crucially able to connect all the dots and had the most valuable contribution to the meeting.”

Read: Are lawyers being trapped in their practice niches? at ABA Journal – Daily News

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