Learn New Career Skills For Free During Crisis

Learn New Career Skills

Learn new career skills for free during this crisis. Not only will it pay dividends down the road, but it just may help keep your mind occupied during these challenging times. Remember to think like a customer and learn from failures as you expand your own horizons. Building your career in the New Normal will take new skills and the ability to tackle unforeseen challenges, so keep learning on the front-burner as you navigate your way through these times.

“With COVID-19 sending everyone inside, you may be wondering what to do with all the extra time at home. Instead of getting lost in the sea of scary news and social media posts, turn your attention back to work. With many live events going digital, and so many more resources already available online, now is the time to get ahead and bolster your résumé. This is how you boost your skills or learn new ones for free.”

Read: 5 ways to learn new career skills for free during the COVID-19 crisis at FastCompany

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