Afraid To Ask? Don’t Be – You May Be Pleasantly Surprised

Afraid to Ask

Afraid to ask for assistance? To connect on a social platform like LinkedIn? Don’t be, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised. While many talk about the downsides of technology and screentime eating away at personal lives, the positives are there as well. Technology is great at connecting people more easily than ever before – and many are ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand by answering a question, making an introduction or giving you feedback on an idea you have or a potential career path. Lawyers have never been known to be shy, so why not give it a try? Especially given the hot legal market, you should be asking key people whether it is time to make a move.

“One of my recent posts on LinkedIn received several second connection “likes” from people who did not also ask me to connect.  My first thought was to reach out and invite those people into my network.  My second thought was hesitation.  What if they liked my post but didn’t want to connect?  Should I wait and see if they connect with me or should I just reach out?  Back and forth I went.  How silly!  You’ll be happy to hear that I practiced what I preach and sent the invitations.  I have had some nice email exchanges and conversations as a result, and I expanded my network to include some terrific people who I had not previously encountered.”

Read: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask by Amy Goldstein (LinkedIn) at Grayson Allen 

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