In House Legal Compensation Trends – 2022

In House Legal Compensation Trends

Looking for the latest in house legal compensation trends? The Lawyer Whisperer strikes again with her take on the current market and what she is seeing for top-level positions. If you are not already following The Lawyer Whisperer and are interested in the in-house market, make sure to subscribe to her newsletter for insightful posts that will help guide your career. She posts not just about in house legal compensation trends, but about other issues facing in-house counsel and lawyers generally as they plan for their futures. If you are looking for more data, don’t forget to check out our In-House Counsel Salaries Guide.

“We’ve all been living in an out-of-focus world for the last two years, but one thing that is spectacularly clear is that the legal profession is more dynamic than ever. From the Great Resignation to the Great Compensation, the events that have unfolded during this unprecedented time in history have driven compensation into outer space with a straight shot to the Sun. While a pragmatic mind would surmise that this trajectory could not possibly continue…Think again. There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. For those seeking greener pastures, this is excellent news indeed. For employers, it requires a prescription for Excedrin. So what are the current compensation trends? And what are the numbers right now…this minute…this second?

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