Building Your Career In-House – 5 Things To Watch

Building Your Career

Building your career isn’t what it used to be. Times, they are a changing. Gone are the days of sole employer careers, and these days there are more and more in-housers who are making changes and taking advantage of the hottest legal market since the late 1990s. Before you go all willy nilly, remember, you have to have a plan and some guiding principles to help steer you while building your career. One thing is certain – there is no reason to stay in the wrong job in this market.

“Career-building in today’s world can be overwhelming. Once upon a time, all you needed was a job offer from an established company and you’d basically be set up for life. But today job-hopping is the norm for people of all ages—and across all industries. A LinkedIn study showed that millennials are likely to jump jobs four times in the decade following their graduation from college. Another report indicates that the average person will make a career change five to seven times in their life. These twists and turns can make any person stressed out. The secret to staying grounded is to keep these five fundamentals in mind….”

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