Lawyers Need Their Alone Time

Lawyers need their alone time – something many have known for a long time. Cherish your time with others – but also the time you have to yourself:

“Our world is more hyper-connected than ever. We have smartphones, tablets, iPods, laptops, and a few of us even have those soon-to-be relics called desktops. We’re so addicted that – according to Pew Research Center – 67% of cellphone owners find themselves checking their phone even when they don’t notice it ring or vibrate, and 21% of us report going online “almost constantly.” We’re so busy networking – online and off – that we leave little time for ourselves. But here’s the thing – alone time has some significant benefits.Science shows that we overestimate how much we need people and underestimate the value of solitary experiences.”

Read: Alone Time Is Good For Us, Research Says at LifeHack.Org

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