Lawyers as Artisans

Lawyers as Artisans

Lawyers as artisans – is there even a question? Of course we are. Who else can craft 8 pages of dense “Miscellaneous” provisions? We have our own style guide for the sake of Pete – the Bluebook. We even have lawyers who can win cases when neither the law or facts or on their side – they just get personal early. Be proud, artisanal lawyers. Keep up the good work and let’s work on our branding. Artisanal lawyers can be the next craft beer or craft spirit wave. We can handle the pressure!

“Are lawyers are artisans? Should they be artisans? I asked myself that question after reading Why Pay $24,000 for a Kitchen Knife? (Wall Street Journal, 07 March 2020). It reminded me that it’s not just food that is artisanal. And it’s not just knives. The success of Etsy – “If it’s handcrafted, vintage, custom, or unique, it’s on Etsy” – illustrates the appeal of artisans. Thinking about artisans and artisanal products, I wondered if and how large law firms could learn from them. What services or features could they add or change? What would artisanal law look like? I quickly realized my thinking was backwards. High-end lawyers and firms are artisans and have been for decades.”

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