Help Wanted: Must Take Million Dollar Trip Around the World

TGIF! We know what you are thinking – there is nothing that would ever entice you to leave your in-house counsel job for a year – nothing! Not even a million dollar trip:

“Now Hiring: Candidate wanted to take a $1 million trip around the world — for free. The applicant will spend a year eating at the finest restaurants, sleeping at five-star hotels and enjoying the world’s most elite nightclubs and resorts. Applicants should love good food, fine culture and ‘exceeding extravagance.’ Ability to write is a plus. Couples can also apply.”

Sound like a fantasy? It’s not. Two luxury travel companies — Luxury Travel Intelligence and — are searching for someone to take a one-year, $1 million vacation around the world for free. The only requirement is that the traveler write detailed reports on all of their experiences.

Read: Help Wanted: Must Take $1 Million Trip Around the World – NBC

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