Ten Essential Issues for In-House Counsel

issues for in-house counsel

The famous Sterling Miller has done it again, with his latest post on essential issues for in-house counsel. His inaugural issue each year is a must-read for in-house counsel. And so are his later installments! Make sure you subscribe to his blog or newsletter, as you are certain to see issues for in-house counsel that are relevant to you and your organization. If you are a fan of his work, which we are, also check out his in-house counsel rules to live by!

“Hello everyone and welcome to 2023!  Here we are well into year nine of the “Ten Things” blog.  I checked recently and see that there are over 12,000 followers of the blog….I never in my wildest dreams imagined that would happen….many of you know that my first post of the year is typically a list of issues I believe in-house lawyers should pay attention to over the coming 12 months.  This is something I started doing when I first became a general counsel way back when and something I kept doing over the course of my in-house career.  I still do it now as CEO of the Hilgers Graben law firm.  In short, I spend time thinking about developments, trends, issues that may have a material impact on the legal department/business over the course of the new year.  It starts with simply gathering information…Once I spotted a potential issue, I looked at it from multiple angles and asked this question: How might this affect the company and the legal department?  Answering this question meant I had to understand the company’s goals and strategy so I could spot and manage risks….From there, I made a list of the most critical issues and worked them into the goals and activities of the legal department. To assist me with this process, I created checklists to help quickly analyze the potential risk and strategic implications of the items on my list…”

Source: Ten Things: Essential Issues for In-House Counsel (2023 Edition)