How to Deal with Bad Bosses

Bad Bosses

Every wondered how to deal with bad bosses? Of course not, you’re an in-house lawyer and only see gurgling brooks and unicorns at work. In reality, you’ve likely had more than one bad boss – but not the ideas on how to deal with them. This is key to loving life as a lawyer, so buckle down and read up.

“We’ve all been there. At one time or another throughout our careers, we’ve reported to somebody with a big title, fat paycheck, and reserved parking space only to wonder, “How did they get the job?” Incompetence and bad behavior often trump true leadership, and this unfortunately can affect our work lives. Here are five types of bad bosses–and how to deal with them (when quitting isn’t an option)…Keeping an eye out for these warning signs will help you understand the kind of person you report to–and whether it’s worth leaving them.”

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