How To Cancel Plans By Email Without Being Lame

Have you ever been professionally ghosted? Have no idea what that means? Read on at FastCompany to learn how to cancel plans by email without being lame – although you’re not going to be able to use some of these for in-house projects:

“It’s okay to say yes to something, then regret it and say no. But never say you’ll get back in touch if you don’t intend to. I considered myself fortunate that I was already deep into my relationship with my now husband when ghosting began trending in the dating world. The concept, frankly, of literally disappearing from someone’s life without an explanation is brutal, and I felt grateful that I’d escaped its trenches. That is, until I realized that ghosting doesn’t exist only in romantic circles but in professional ones as well. I learned quickly just how badly it sucks when it happens to you.”

Read: How To Cancel Plans By Email Without Resorting To Lame Excuses at FastCompany

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