How to End an Email War with a Colleague

We’ve all been there – the dreaded email war with a colleague – the one that wont end, that pings and dings at all hours of the day. Fortunately, The Lawyer Whisperer has some ideas on putting an email war to bed:

“I love email. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s efficient. And you can use it just about anywhere. But it can also be lethal. The Email has landed countless individuals, corporations and law firms in hot water – and has served as the key to Pandora’s Box on numerous occasions. Despite these dangers, people take the power of email for granted….And in an email “conversation”, negative communications can escalate quickly – creating anxiety and strained relations. This is the situation you face now and it needs to be rectified in order to mitigate your own stress and work harmoniously with your colleague in the future. So what’s the best way to proceed?”

Read: I’m in an email war with a colleague and it’s getting out of control. How do I deal with this situation? at The Lawyer Whisperer

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