Richard Susskind Sees Rosy Future For Law – With Technology

Does the End of Lawyers author believe technology will help law have its Dunkirk moment?

“For more than three decades, Richard Susskind has been one of the profession’s most prolific voices in support of implementing technology with legal services delivery. He’s the author of more than 10 books on the topic, and his next one will focus on technology in the courtroom. “A better way of running state-based dispute resolution is largely using technology, rather than using traditional methods,” says Susskind, who is based in the village of Radlett, England, near London. “Rather than hiring a lawyer, one might instead have an online dialogue with the other party and a judge and resolve a dispute more rapidly.””

Read: Richard Susskind sees ‘rosy future’ for law—if it embraces technology (podcast) at ABA Journal – Daily News

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