Ten Things: Essential Issues for In-House Counsel

Essential Issues for In-House Counsel

Sterling Miller, author, former GC and long-time in-house lawyer, former Biglaw lawyer, what else can be said. Oh yes, his Ten Things blog – a great resource for in-house counsel. We hope to see more of his blog postings this year, and don’t forget – be indispensable!

“Hello everyone…I like to begin the year thinking about what issues will be most important for in-house lawyers over the upcoming 12 months.  As you can imagine, there is plenty out there that we all need to be concerned about.  Still, I read a lot over the holidays and jotted down plenty of notes about the most interesting developments.   Obviously, I have no monopoly on setting out what’s important….Still, I think the below is a helpful list of topics, some of which everyone will find applicable to their legal department.  This edition of “Ten Things” sets out my 2019 list of essential issues for in-house counsel….”

Read: Ten Things: Essential Issues for In-House Counsel (2019 Edition) at Ten Things You Need To Know as In-House Counsel

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