Proactive Is Better than Reactive – Lessons from the NFL

An interesting article looks at the recent crises facing the NFL and argues why being proactive is better than reactive – for everyone, including in-house counsel:

“What does all of this mean to in-house counsel or corporate executives? It’s this: you’ve got to pay attention to the trends within your organization and address any issues right away. Do you see a consistent failure to employ cybersecurity in any one place in your company? Implement corrective training before you end up with a data breach and a Congressional inquiry. Do you see that one of your business entities struggles with FCPA compliance? Conduct the internal investigation and remove the responsible parties, pronto, before the DOJ says hello. Are you finding that several people are complaining about hiring practices in one of your business units? Better get to the bottom of this before the whistleblowers head out your door and onto the doorsteps of the DOJ, SEC or CFTC for a 30 percent share of your penalty.”

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