How Law Firms Can Serve As Way Stations for In-House Counsel

Law firms as temporary oases? Sonya Som of Major, Lindsey & Africa describes how a brief stint at a law firm can be a useful way station for lawyers transitioning to the next in-house opportunity:

“One of the main reasons to read my column is because I let you in on some of the “behind the curtains” secrets of the job market…One such secret is what I call “The Way Station.” As I have defined it, “The Way Station” is utilized by in-house counsel in transition. Rather than allow a sizeable gap to occur on their resumes, these resourceful in-house counsel are returning to law firms—perhaps for a limited time. Generally, they don’t intend to stay, and the law firms don’t usually expect the former in-house counsel to stay. But, for a time, it can be a mutually beneficial arrangement: The in-house counsel closes the resume gap, remains more desirable as an employed candidate, continues to gain experience—and a paycheck—and receives exposure to the firm’s clients with the potential result that one of those clients will provide a path back in-house.”

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