Get Ready For Turbulence And Its Impact


Turbulence is here and more is on the way. But don’t fear turbulence and don’t fear change. Adapt and overcome. Already, more and more signals show that the U.S. economy is returning to its pre-pandemic form of rapid growth and low unemployment. For lawyers, the market is already starting to tighten again with more and more companies struggling to find qualified talent. With viable vaccine candidates on the horizon, and treatment modalities already reducing the impact of Covid-19 greatly, the worst will soon be behind us. Don’t take your eye off the ball at this time for yourself, your family, your career, and your employer. There is much to look forward to once the turbulence subsides and now is not the time to let anxiety take over.

“Get ready for some turbulence. A confluence of events are coming together, which will make things tougher for people. It will impact your job, the economy and stock market. Last week, it was reported that Europe is experiencing a second wave of Covid-19….The popular media opinion was that former Vice President Joe Biden would handily win the presidential election….The sudden cascade of stock prices seems to indicate that either Trump will be reelected or there will be a contested election….This dire situation won’t last forever. The pendulum always swings to excess. Soon, it will turn toward the positive side.”

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