Legal Industry Is Gaining Jobs – 3 Months And Counting

Legal Industry is Gaining Jobs

The legal industry is gaining jobs after a terrible pandemic-affected April and now has notched three months of consecutive gains. Despite some parts of the United States experiencing new outbreaks and increased cases of Covid-19, it appears that the overall job creation momentum seen in other industries is helping spur demand for legal talent. While most would not have predicted this only months ago, perhaps the U.S. economy is in fact headed towards a V shaped recovery. We should know soon as even the most restrictive States have begun re-opening more aggressively as the pandemic statistics have trended more favorably than many models predicted. The question remains, however, as to what the effect of the pandemic will be on the legal industry and the practice of law generally.

“The legal industry gained 1,900 jobs in July, the third month of increases after losing 68,000 jobs in April. The gain of 1,900 jobs was smaller than gains in May and June, which had respective increases of 6,100 and 7,300 jobs, according to revised and seasonally adjusted numbers released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

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