The Future of the Legal Industry

The Future of The Legal Industry

The future of the legal industry, as debated by luminaries Richard Susskind and Mark Cohen. Check in to see what they have to say in the transcript of their 75 minute video discussion. Whether you are a general counsel, staff attorney or just trying to get started on an in-house legal career, you should be focusing on the future of the legal industry so that you can best position yourself for long term career success. No matter what is happening, it is key that you maintain career momentum to the maximum extent you can.

“This is a live blog post of a 75-minutes video discussion with Richard Susskind and Mark Cohen hosted by Legal Geek and sponsored by Thomson Reuters, UnitedLex, and iManage. The session title is The Uncertain Decade, “Richard Susskind and Mark Cohen debate the future of the legal industry”…Mark Cohen opens with a 10 minute talk: What will legal market look like after the crisis ends, or ramps down. Lawyers like to look at precedent. What can we learn? From prior crisis, only the 2008 economic crash had a noticeable impact on the legal market. It accelerated disaggregation and the rise of legal operations and alternative legal providers. But other parts of the legal ecosystem did not change: law schools curriculum stayed the same and courts continued to function as they had.Why will Covid be different asks Mark.”

Read: Richard Susskind + Mark Cohen debate the future of the legal industry at Prism Legal

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