Inhouse Impact: Salary Wars and Remote Work

Salary Wars and Remote Work - In-House Impact

Salary wars and remote work are having a tremendous effect on in-house legal departments and their recruitment efforts. How can organizations survive and thrive in this highly competitive environment? Read on to hear what one of the nation’s leading legal recruiting firms has to say about these trends. As we have seen before, salary wars can boost in-house counsel pay significantly, and the advent of work from home options has provided more flexibility to the legal community than many could ever have imagined in pre-pandemic times. However, one must always question whether top compensation is their prime overriding objective and balance the many factors that drive a fulfilling life and legal career.

“The world of Big Law is a competitive one, and that competition sometimes results in firms trying to “one-up” each other on associate pay.  This summer is another example of that periodic phenomenon.  Recently we have seen firm after firm announce pay increases and deploy remote-work options to lock in associates and keep them away from competitors.  So, what does that mean for in-house recruitment? We will discuss how these tactics have historically played out, what they might mean for the future of the legal industry, and how the changes could impact in-house recruiting as we advance.”

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