Resume Refresh Tips For Uncertain Times

Resume Refresh

A resume refresh may be just what you need to land an in-house counsel job during these uncertain times. With the advent of vaccines for the Covid-19 virus, a light at the end of the tunnel may be in sight. Even though the New Normal will not look like what we were used to in pre-pandemic times, lawyers remain in high-demand and there are thousands of in-house counsel job openings and a significant number of General Counsel job opportunities available. The pandemic has also brought us into a work from home environment, which many companies are now taking advantage of to extend their hiring reach with remote legal jobs. Get yourself ready with a resume refresh, but also keep in mind legal resume tips that have worked in the past and remember that some items are best left off your resume.

“Amid the coronavirus pandemic, some industries are thriving, while others are reeling. For many, January marks a refresh period that is ideal for job-searching. The longer and colder winter months can be an optimal time to hunker down and devote your energy to landing a new gig. If you’re a recent job-hunter wondering where to begin, it may be a good idea to start with refreshing your résumé, which you probably haven’t looked at since the last time you searched for a job. Ask yourself which elements are still serving their purpose and which are not.”

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