The Office Buzzwords Hated Most by Lawyers

Office Buzzwords

Office buzzwords you love to hate. Once you’ve read through this, ping your colleagues to see if you are on the same page or if you need to run this up the flagpole and circle back once the dust settles and you can better evaluate the optics. At least most office buzzwords don’t involve cussing.

“Today’s corporate world is awash with overused buzzwords and phrases. Delving deeper into the phenomenon, a new study surveying those working in the legal sector has revealed the profession’s most hated office jargon. ‘It’s on my radar’, ‘smashed it’ and ‘I’ve got a lot on my plate’ came joint top (23%) in the survey, while maddening clichés including ‘there’s no ‘I’ in team’, ‘best practice’ and ‘a holistic review’ scooped joint second place (15%).”

Read: ‘It’s on my radar’, ‘smashed it’ and ‘I’ve got a lot on my plate’ — research reveals the office buzzwords hated most by lawyers at Legal Cheek

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