How Do You Deal with Procrastination?

Deal with Procrastination

In-house counsel must deal with procrastination like everyone else. In the in-house world there is no luxury of months to complete business-critical projects. Instead, moving from fire to fire can be the norm. During this process, certain tasks may get relegated to the backburner and subject to procrastination, and can come back to haunt an in-house counsel in the future. Learn to deal with procrastination and you will be a more effective lawyer and resource for your organization. Your procrastination may even be genetic.

“There’s a big project listed on your calendar with a due date that was circled months ago. Now time’s running out. You’ve barely started and would rather be undergoing a root canal without anesthesia. How do you put aside the procrastination and finish on time or sooner? Majorie Silver, writing at the blog Best Practices for Legal Education, gives suggestions from her presentation at the Suffolk Law School conference “Integrating Positive Psychology into Legal Education.” Silver suggests adopting the Pomodoro Technique of time management…..”

Read: How do you deal with procrastination? at ABA Journal – Daily News

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