Dan Lukasik has done the blawgosphere a service with his new site, – if you suffer from depression or know a lawyer who does, you should check out Dan’s site. Dan speaks from personal experience:

“Depression is often a very isolating experience – – even when the depressed person has a supportive and loving group of people to rely on.

In my own life, I often found relief in reading books about depression, spirituality or health and trying to relate the wisdom in those books to my own life as a lawyer.

When I searched on-line for materials to read that would support me in my attempt to cope with depression and my law practice, what I found was sometimes helpful, but in the end, not sufficient…

It is a web site specifically devoted to lawyers with depression. I hope that such a site will be more relevant and helpful for lawyers looking for support. I also hope that it will make a difference for readers to know that I am a practicing litigator and suffer from depression. I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist, but I am a person who knows intimately what it is to suffer from depression and simultaneously be a practicing lawyer.”


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