How In-House Lawyers Can Reduce Stress

Lawyers Can Reduce Stress

Lawyers can reduce stress if they have the tools to do so and are committed to improving their well-being. Fortunately, Sterling Miller has released another installment in his Ten Things series that can help guide your path to reduced stress and improved physical and mental health. Managing stress and preventing it from taking over are keys to long-term success as a lawyer, and in-house counsel often face inordinate levels of stress and working from home has increased this for some. Lawyers who successfully manage their own stress are more effective at managing client stress, which has tremendous organizational benefits.

“Throughout my legal career, I have been pretty fortunate when it comes to good health, both physically and mentally.  I have a knack for managing deadlines and have always been able to crank out work pretty much as needed.  Still, like everyone, there are times when I feel overwhelmed by the weight of what is on my plate. And, the higher up you are on the food chain, the more pressing the weight becomes as more and more people rely on you to come through (e.g., your team, fellow employees/clients, senior management, the board of directors, shareholders).  It can be a lot of pressure, which is just another word for stress.  For me, stress usually manifested itself in clenching my jaw (which required that I wear a splint) or migraine headaches.  The latter I can say without hesitation truly suck.  I know I am not alone, especially in the legal profession, as lawyers typically are more susceptible to stress and depression than most any other field.  The work and deadlines take their toll not only on the lawyer, but on their family as well.”

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