How to Negotiate With a Narcissist

Negotiate With a Narcissist

Negotiating with narcissists — people who only care about their self-interests — is a skill all lawyers need to master. Surprising as it may seem, there is an extremely rare chance that a lawyer will have to negotiate with a narcissistic lawyer. Yes, shocking to hear, we know, but as the Scouts say “always be prepared” and always negotiate like a boss.

“We live in an increasingly narcissistic society. Narcissists are people who have an overwhelming need to be admired. They tend to lack empathy and other core components that emotionally healthy people possess. They are typically self-important, arrogant and demanding — and they especially don’t take kindly to criticism. You’re likely to find lots of narcissists in positions of political and business power — which means you’ll probably have to negotiate with them as you build your business. Lucky you! The good news: You can take certain steps that will help you bargain and make successful deals with these hard-to-handle personalities.”

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