Help Prevent Work-Life Stress From Taking Over, In-House Leaders

Work-Life Stress

Work-life stress can take over in-house legal departments quickly, especially in leanly-staffed organizations and those tied to quarterly reporting cycles. In-house leaders need to lead the charge in managing work-life stress and keeping their team operating at peak efficiency for the benefit of their organization and the members of the legal team.

“Leaders have a huge responsibility in contributing to work-life fulfillment, but they often forget what they can do to help employees achieve that. In a lot of work-life recommendations, we empower ourselves to balance brilliantly (despite problems with the idea of ‘balance’), find fulfillment, and seek satisfaction. This is all good. After all, it’s essential to be empowered and make things happen for ourselves. But, in addition to individual empowerment, leaders also have a crucial role to play in creating the conditions for work-life satisfaction in their place of work. As a leader, you should make sure that you’re fulfilled in your personal and professional life. But you also have a lot of influence to create an environment that allows for work-life fulfillment and stop work stress from taking over. Here’s how.”

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