Go All In Online for Networking

Go All In Online

Go all in online when it comes to networking, especially in tough times such as these. While some once saw technology and its advances as a negative, technology is now a de facto replacement for most forms of human contact. Get some tips from Randi S.K. Rosenblatt and go all in online. And don’t forget that when you are networking, network intelligently.

“Whether it be email, text, webinars, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or anything in between, we were part of the digital age long before COVID-19 showed up. In a matter of weeks, however, we’ve been stripped of the ability to meet face-to-face with close contacts and strangers alike and now, more than ever, we are forced to connect differently, in ways that don’t entail coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks. We have to be creative in our outreach as we work, personally and professionally, to be all things, to all people all the time. But, this time matters and will be remembered long after it passes…With that in mind, here are a few ideas on how we can build new relationships and strengthen existing ones from the comfort and chaos of home”

Read: Networking: Taking It All Online by Randi S.K. Rosenblatt