Should business lawyers advise on moral issues too?

The BusinessLawProf asks an interesting question – should business lawyers advise on moral issues? Often times lawyers are pigeon-holed and asked to do narrow tasks leaving others to consider broader social, political, economic and moral issues.  But the Rules of Professional Conduct in many states require (among other many things) that lawyers exercise independent professional judgment and provide candid advice – and in doing so may consider not only the law but these other considerations.  Chime in with your thoughts over at the BusinessLawProf blog:

Last week I blogged about enterprise risk management,  lawyers, and their “obligations” to counsel clients about human rights risks based in part on statements by the American Bar Association and Marty Lipton of Wachtell, who have cited the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. I posted the blog on a few LinkedIn groups and received some interesting responses from academics, in house counsel, consultants, and outside counsel, which leads me to believe that this is fertile ground for discussion.

Read: Should business lawyers advise on moral issues too? – Business Law Prof Blog

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