500 Happy People – Habits Lawyers Can Learn From

500 Happy People

500 happy people, no this does not sound like a law firm or bar association near you. The legal industry, unfortunately, is filled with unhappy people. Many oft-discussed factors are involved and there are too many to list. Whether it is grueling work hours, intense pressure from clients, a “24/7/365 response required” mentality or other factors, lawyers are often the first to say that their profession – and indeed their lives – are not entirely happy. But does this have to be the case? Can lawyers implement meaningful change to transform their outlook, health and lives? They can, and looking at lessons and habits from hundreds of happy people may be a way to kick off the process.

“These simple life tweaks can immediately make your days more joyful, says the founder of the American Happiness Project. In 2019, I traveled to all 50 states to find out how Americans achieve internal happiness regardless of external circumstances. During my journey, I interviewed more than 500 self-described happy people to learn how they create more joy in their everyday lives and chronicled my journey and learnings in the American Happiness documentary. We often complicate the notion of happiness, but what I discovered by talking to many people who’ve achieved happiness and good habits was that there are a number of simple tweaks you can make to improve your happiness levels immediately, and build habits that put you on the path to long-term happiness.”

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