The Legal Department Of The Future

legal department of the future

The time to build the legal department of the future may be now, thanks in part to the pandemic and the havoc it has wrought on the world. Remote and hybrid legal jobs are proliferating in the legal community. Adrian Gross of the Association of Corporate Counsel gives his perspective on these issues, the Great Resignation’s impact on law departments and much more. Membership in the ACC is a bargain for the value it delivers and every in-house counsel should consider not only joining, but getting active in their local chapter.

“As knowledge workers, in-house lawyers can work from anywhere (unless we need to be in a courtroom, and even then, allowances can be made), but the need to collaborate is great, especially among in-house teams whose work extends across business units. What’s the happy medium? How do we advise our organizations on the future of in-house teams and the way we work, while also remaining compliant with legal requirements…?  ACC has a role in fostering discussion around what the future work environment looks like in a post-COVID world, particularly in the context of in-house collaboration….And while there are challenges, it seems that the disruption caused by COVID has created an opportunity to design better in-house workplace environments (both in the physical and non-physical sense) that are more aligned with the preferences of modern corporate counsel.”

Source: The Legal Department Of The Future