Can AI Pass the Bar Exam?

AI Pass the Bar Exam

If AI passes the bar exam, it certainly will not have trouble crafting a 62-page critical client memorandum that finishes with an unequivocal “maybe”. Then it may move swiftly to increase 6-minute billing increments to half-hours (have to charge up those batteries and electricity isn’t cheap!), saying embarrassing things at law firm social events and heating up fish in the common room microwave right next door to a conference room hosting an all-hands-on-deck closing. Who said that the robot apocalypse was going to be boring?

“Since the December release of Open AI’s GPT-3.5 model, and the related ChatGPT, speculation has been rampant about how this next generation of artificial intelligence might upend the legal profession. But as others have been speculating, two legal scholars and scientists, Daniel Martin Katz and Michael Bommarito, put GPT 3.5 to the task, having it perform that most anxiety-inducing of tests along the path to becoming a lawyer – taking the bar exam.  How did it do? Katz and Bommarito recently published the results in their article, GPT Takes the Bar Exam, and on this episode of LawNext, they join me to discuss why they did this experiment, how it turned out, and what it all means for the future of AI in law.”

Source: Can AI Pass the Bar Exam?