Non-Competes for In-House Counsel – Think Twice

Non-competes for in-house counsel raise unique issues.  In some common circumstances they can even be unenforceable and raise ethical issues for an in-house attorney.  Check out this recent article on the topic at Law360.  When in doubt, do some research on your local rules and get professional advice:

“Most in-house attorneys believe noncompete agreements don’t apply to them, but experts say there are plenty of circumstances that can limit the lawyers’ freedom to take a new job.  Compared with most of corporate America, there are significant limits to the way employers can restrict in-house counsel’s work, and those restrictions may come into play when company lawyers jump ship — an increasingly common scenario in a traditionally stable profession.”

Read: Why GCs Should Think Twice Before Signing A Noncompete at Law360 (reg. req.)

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