Artificial Intelligence to Mine Billable Time from Email

Mine Billable Time

For all who doubted that manufacturing and mining jobs would ever come back, here is more proof that you are dead wrong. Artificial intelligence is now being used to mine billable time from email, and to make sure that every last morsel of such time makes its way onto your legal bills.

“Zero is an iPhone app designed for attorneys that applies artificial intelligence to email to automatically capture billable time, sort emails by importance, and predictively file and organize emails within your document management system, It can be used as your primary email client or in parallel with your preferred client. I had not heard of Zero until this week, when I met Peter Darling, the company’s chief marketing officer, at the 2018 Law + Technology Summit presented by the San Diego County Bar Association and the California Lawyers Association…While in San Diego, I conducted a brief Facebook Live interview with Darling to learn more about Zero. View it below.”

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