Research: 50% of Lawyers Dislike Their Jobs

Lawyers Dislike Their Jobs

Lawyers dislike their jobs and lawyers dislike lawyers. Where is the love? Maybe you are seeing early warning signs to quit your job. In-house counsel job openings are at record numbers, so if you don’t like where you are, maybe it is time to make a move.

“Fifty percent of lawyers are unhappy in their current job roles, according to new research, with many feeling underappreciated and bored. The research, produced by online job website CV-Library and published this week, found that half of legal sector workers “dislike their current job”, compared to 46.2% of automotive industry staff and 45.5% of recruiters. The most common causes of unhappiness cited by legal professionals were “feeling undervalued” (61.2%), “not being in the role they want” (60%), “being bored” (41.3%), “poor company culture” (40%) and having “no room for progression” (20%).:

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