Legal Sector Seeing Tech Explosion

With legal tech penetrating many large law firms and law departments, is your company riding the legal tech wave?

“The legal industry is experiencing an “explosion” of technology, Nitin Batra, global chief operating officer in Citigroup Inc.’s Office of the General Counsel, told Bloomberg Law. “This is a really exciting time in the legal industry” in terms of both in-house and law firm work, said Batra, who helps run one of the largest legal departments in the world, spanning close to 100 countries. Developments in the areas of contract life cycle management, deal technology, big data, and legal operations have the potential in the near future to transform the way in-house legal departments do business, Batra said. For example, he said, tools to manage contracts—from the initial data gathering phase all the way to reuse in subsequent transactions—have rapidly increased.”

Read: Legal Sector Seeing Tech ‘Explosion,’ Citi’s Batra Says at Bloomberg BNA Business of Law

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