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  1. As someone who has recently shed 115 lbs. (yes, you read that right!), I can tell you that there are “friends” and colleagues on your Beware list whether you want to admit it or not. Here are just a few:
    1. Those who tell you you’re just fine. Here, bubbie, eat just a bite.
    2. Those who will tell you you’re getting too thin.
    3. Those who give you permission to eat: Come on, you can go back on your diet tomorrow.
    4. Those who say they’re worried about your health. (Where were they when you were 50,60,70+ lbs. overweight?)
    5. Those who carry their own guilt and won’t be able to substantiate their own bad habits unless you join in with them.
    6. Those who hate to see anyone beat them to their goal.
    7. Those who insist that you eat because it’s a holiday. Other days, I guess, just don’t count.
    8. Those who tell you not to worry – accept your extra pounds: your mother was that way, your father was that way, in fact, your entire family was fat. You’re not going to beat this one.
    9. The ones who tell you that the diet you are on is unhealthy and proceeds to list everyone she has heard of who died from it.
    10. The Stop Now! You’re Fine! Those who tell you that you look fine just the way you are – even though you clearly are no where near your goal. In fact, you barely just got out of the “oversized” women’s department. You know, the one in the department store where to get to it, you have to go through the china department, cross-over to the lingerie department and find it in the “Specialty” section.

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