How to Break Bad News to Your Clients

Well, if you were still working at a law firm you could try to delegate the task to an associate (bad move).  As an in-house attorney, your client is all around you so bad news can spread quickly:

“If you are like most lawyers who have been practicing for any length of time, you have had the unfortunate assignment of being the bearer of bad news. It is no comfort that your obligation of communication under the Rules of Professional Conduct requires you to give all news to clients—the good, the bad and the ugly. Your gut instinct is to fire off the bad news in the rapid-speak that you hear in disclaimers on infomercials, and then head for the hills before your client blows. But if you take a minute to consider the process, you could find ways to make it easier on yourself and better assist your client. After all, you are in a service profession, and communication, in addition to being an ethical obligation, is part of the service.”

Read: How to Break Bad News to Your Clients at the ConnecticutLawTribune

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