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If you are trying to find an in-house counsel job, one of the ways to find them is to work with a legal recruiter who has experience with in-house counsel positions. Legal recruiters often know of in-house counsel jobs, and even General Counsel jobs, that are not listed on legal job boards and can be great guides in your search to find a corporate counsel job.

Many lawyers develop a long-term relationship with their legal recruiter and rely on them to serve as their career counselor. And note that, while a recruiter may be listed in one location, the company may have multiple offices or otherwise handle nationwide searches. Finally, as a candidate, you must evaluate and choose a legal recruiter wisely, doing your due diligence and discussing your goals with a handful to determine who would be a good fit based on their experience, reputation and fit for your needs. If you reach out to a recruiter listed below, don’t forget to mention that you found them on InhouseBlog.com.

If you are a legal recruiter and want to be listed in our legal recruiter directory, please contact us. We reserve the right to approve all listings, and to modify and/or remove listings, at any time and in our sole discretion.

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