Don’t Ghost Your Legal Recruiter

Ghost Your Legal Recruiter

With the legal jobs market hotter than ever, does this mean it is more acceptable than previously to ghost your legal recruiter? Even if you were ghosted yourself in your job hunt, ghosting your legal recruiter can have significant downsides:

“More and more we are seeing a trend of candidates that ghost their recruiters during a job hunt. Ghosting essentially means cutting communication with no explanation. Someone might wonder why you might ghost your recruiter given the trend used to be the opposite. It isn’t uncommon to be in a situation where you apply for a job, interview and then never hear back from the company againAfter all, this was what we would all complain about for weeks, a collective annoyance job-seekers dealt with and frustrated us to no endAs more jobs became available, less and less did us candidates look at this as such a burden, and in fact, candidates soon transitioned to the ones doing the ghosting, themselves. But why is it such a problem for you to ghost your recruiter?”

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