How to Win Every Negotiation (by Not Trying to Win)

win every negotiation

Winning has been a constant theme in the news as of late. For in-house counsel on the front lines, do you aspire to win every negotiation? Is winning at all costs really winning and negotiation a zero sum game? Even if you negotiate like a boss, hopefully you’ve learned some lessons along the way:

“Despite what we often see in the movies, business negotiations should never be high-drama, zero-sum games. It’s not about somebody winning, somebody losing and everyone pounding the table. Negotiation is not about getting as much as you can, as fast as you can. That kind of deal making will only lead to headaches and hurt feelings. Instead, I’ve always found the most successful negotiations are those that are treated like conversations, or exercises in which both sides are solving a problem, with the eventual answer being one word: fair. Think about it as if you are building a brand, a reputation that will last your whole career. Sealing a killer deal today might feel good, but it will label you as a hit man, not a hero. Who will want to negotiate with that person in the future? Think of the projects lost; the relationships never nurtured; the agreements built on shaky ground.”

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