How Litigators Can Land Transactional In-House Counsel Jobs

Landing transactional in-house counsel jobs can prove difficult for litigators, but don’t lose hope as The Lawyer Whisperer gives some guidance on how litigators can maximize their chances:

“It isn’t easy for a pure litigator to sell him/herself as a commercial transaction lawyer. So if you are applying for a role that seeks transaction experience, there will be some hurdles. It can be a bit easier if the commercial aspect of the role includes a few litigation components to it, but most of these types of positions do not. So as you strive to take this right turn in your career, follow the advice below to sell yourself more effectively for the job you desire….”

Read: I’m a litigator interviewing for an in-house commercial transaction position. How do I sell myself to get the job? at The Lawyer Whisperer

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