Do You Have The Right Stuff, In-House Counsel?

The Right Stuff

The right stuff – the tangibles and intangibles necessary to be a successful in-house counsel and eventually rise to achieve GC status. Do you have it? Do you know what it is? Bill Solomon gives his thoughts:

“The Academy Award-winning movie, The Right Stuff, inspires us to think about having the “right stuff” from a new perspective. This mysterious mix is not one single quality, but a composite of attributes driven by a commitment to an ideal and a willingness to keep striving to achieve new levels of success. I’m struck by how this was reflected in the lives of the pilots in the movie who eventually became astronauts; they had to reach beyond their professional status as pilots to embrace a much broader vision of themselves — and that is what eventually defined them. During my many years as a C-Suite legal officer, I coached the lawyers on my teams to be more than just lawyers so they would be on track to become leaders. Here are my thoughts on the “right stuff” of what in-house counsel need to do to succeed.”

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