Take Your Vacation Or Die?

take your vacation or die

“Take your vacation or die” – a nice article from the archive to print out in bulk and leave around convenient spots in the office or circulate by anonymous snail mail. The legal profession is generally terrible when it comes to work-life balance but some have seen hope for work-life balance with the proliferation of remote legal jobs and hybrid work arrangements. The “bed checking” prevalent at law firms and in large corporate legal departments took a turn during the pandemic when in-office work environments were challenged and it turned out that employees could be even more productive when they had more control over their work hours. Now, with “return to the office” being the mantra of many large organizations, it is more important than ever to remember to take the time you need to get the balance you deserve. For some, that may mean looking for a better job and not staying put waiting for a dream job to magically appear.

“I guess you want to have a heart attack?” That is the question you should ask yourself every time you put off taking a vacation. Here’s the deal. Studies have shown that not taking vacations is linked to health problems. And if people skip vacations, there’s a chance that they may die younger than those who don’t.

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