Take A Minute And Respond Busy Lawyer

Amy Goldstein of Grayson Allen Attorney Search Consultants

Take a minute and respond – it can do wonders for your career. As Amy Goldstein points out, you never know who will open a door for you in the future. Showing courtesy and cordiality can go a long way to help your career and help you become a better person. You’re not that busy.

“I continue to be amazed at how frequently my calls and emails are not returned- not only by people I reach out to cold, but also by people I have been in touch with for years and have met and know personally. We are all busy. That is not an excuse. Your career is long and the odds are it will take an unexpected turn or two along the way. Your network will be key when it is time for a transition. It is when you are content in your role that you should have an eye to the future. Job searches are challenging under the best of circumstances. Don’t make it more difficult than necessary. Always work to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones so you have a network of connections that will help you when you need it.”

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