Why You Have to Stop Networking If You Want to Succeed

Stop Networking

Stop networking and start connecting if you want to succeed, at least according two Young Entrepreneur Council founders. Is this the right methodology for in-house counsel looking to advance their careers? This piece gives some additional thoughts – and if you do network, remember to network intelligently.

“Business relationships are critical for top-performing growth. These relationships don’t just launch your career to new heights, though. Relationships are a means of cultivating ideas, encouraging collaboration, and contributing to the community in your industry. But if you want to see true success in your business relationships, you need to stop networking. The traditional idea of “networking” is transactional. Networking assumes that you are meeting fellow peers and industry players in order to get something in return–whether you’re hoping to gain a client, a partner, a vendor, or a job. Networking denotes an idea of taking. The network relationship is only as strong as the amount of value you can provide to one another. Young Entrepreneur Council founders Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh have tackled this notion of networking to be more inclusive. What would happen if we looked at business relationships through the lens of “connection” instead? Connection creates a deeper relationship based on an exchange of information and ideas.”

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